Precu [pree-koo] - "the goods". That's what we deliver.

What goods?

Precu offers several highly useful tools for marketers and affiliate marketers. Starting with our custom Link Tracking application that will tell you exactly where to focus your advertising spend and time, to our browser-based drag-and-drop Page Builder for quickly setting up landing, squeeze, or other bridge pages with just a few clicks.

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Link Tracking Matters

Tracking and analyzing Internet traffic data isn't fun, it's endless and exhausting, but many would say it's also the most important aspect to running a profitable business online.

Whether you're marketing with paid advertising or not, knowing where your traffic comes from, when they're the most active, what they're most interested in and searching for, will all save you time and money in your marketing efforts as well as increase your conversion rates and ROI.

Precu link tracking provides exactly the tools you need to track your customers from advertisement to purchase on every network. See where they came from, when, and even what search phrases they used to reach you. Use this data to focus your efforts and advertising spend in order to reduce costs while increasing conversions.

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